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Adam Rockwell

He’s twenty-eight.

He’s a shameless player.

He’s far from Mr Right.

But he’s undeniably sexy

And the only guy she trusts.

Eve Harper

She’s eighteen.

She’s beautiful.

She’s completely off-limits.

But he can’t get her out of his head.

She’s the only one he wants.

They say forbidden fruit always tastes the sweetest. But that’s something Adam Rockwell doesn’t intend to find out.

Adam Rockwell, or Rocky as he’s known to most, is renowned for his love ʼem and leave ʼem approach to women. He’s the archetypal player with the good looks and cock-sure personality to pull it off. As the talent scout for Harper Records, his life is one long round of gigs, nightclubs and parties. At twenty-eight, he has it all­­­­­­­—a great job, flash car, swanky penthouse overlooking the Thames, and a seemingly endless supply of women willing to warm his bed.  Life couldn’t be better.

Until Eve Harper walks back into it.

At first, he doesn’t recognise her. Why would he? The last time Adam saw Eve, she was just a kid. All he sees now is a beautiful woman. A woman he wants.

But Eve Harper is one woman Adam cannot even contemplate adding to his list of conquests.

However, staying away from her proves more difficult than he imagined. And the more time he spends in her company, the weaker his resolve to do the right thing. So, when he discovers that Eve is just as affected by him, as he is by her, will he still have the strength to resist? Or will she prove to be too much of a beautiful temptation?



The greatest pleasure of life is love ~ Euripedes
© Olivia Adams 2017

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